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Pay Now, Travel Later

Don't know which Search Beyond Adventures tour you want? Need to "spend down"? Just complete a Travel Account Application and mail to us with the payment you want.

There is a $100 minimum amount to open an account. You can add to this travel account anytime you want with any amount. Many people use this to purchase a tour in advance and make regular additional payments so their vacation is completely paid in time. Your funds will be on account with us until you pick a tour. When you pick a specific tour let us know and we will apply 100% of the funds to that tour.

We offer two choices of travel accounts. For our standard vacation account if you later cancel your account and want your funds refunded, there is a $50 cancellation fee. Of course, the cancellation fee does not apply if you choose a tour that costs less than your account balance and you request a refund of the difference.

For our more restricted travel account there is no refund if you do not use the funds for travel. For these accounts we add a 2.5 percent bonus to your initial deposit. (This account application is not on-line so ask for it from our office.)

If more than three years passes without your using the account for any travel with us we will charge a $50/year maintenance fee.  If seven years of inactivity passes we will consider the account closed and funds will be forfeited (moved to our travel scholarship fund for other participants). We send out annual notices of account status and terms, and whenever payments are added to the account we send an updated account statement.

Your funds are placed in a pooled ("shielded") savings account with Bank of America, El Segundo CA. If you are a resident of CA 100 percent of fund are deposited; if you live in other states a percentage of funds are deposited. When you select a tour funds are moved to a pooled savings account with Country Bank, Ware MA. Potato Tour deposits are deposited with Bank of America, St Paul MN.


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